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Why Dog Bedding?

There are roughly 9 million dogs in the UK. Of those 9 million dogs 40% will suffer anxiety at some stage in their life. A lack of comfortable sleep can lead to all kinds of physical and mental health problems for dogs. 

The Solution is Pupnaps Calming Dog Bed

We need to incorporate scientific principles to our pet products to give them a happier and healthier life. The Pupnaps Calming Dog bed is an incredible new dog bed that has gone viral in Australia and is now finally avaliable in the UK. It is revolutionizing how much importance we place on the sleeping habits of our pets, as well as helping to tackle the rise of anxiety symptoms in dogs.

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So Why Calming Pet Beds Of All Things?!

They might seem random at first and even a little bit fancy to some - but really, we started Pupnaps when we discovered that over 40% of dogs suffer from anxiety at some stage in their life. That’s roughly 3.6 million dogs just in the UK! We don’t know about you, but that statistic alone is heartbreaking.

So in July 2019, Jye launched Pupnaps with his best friend and No. 1 Pawfect Business Partner - Rex. The two have created the greatest sleep possible with The Pupnaps Calming Dog Bed. It’s one of the first anti anxiety dog beds to go viral around the world, revolutionising how much importance we place on the sleeping habits we place on our pets!

Your Pup Deserves The Best

Everyone needs a good night's sleep to thrive and live a happy life - and it’s the same with your pup.

That’s why we want to help you create the most loving and safe environment for your pup. We’ve had hundreds of happy customers write in to tell us about the positive effects of their Pupnaps dog bed - we’re talking bigger smiles, longer sleeps and less erratic behaviour.

A Quality Dog Bed For A Quality Life

The Pupnaps Calming Dog Bed is UK’s most trusted calming dog bed for good reason. Its proven design has undergone rigorous testing over the years, long before it ever reached shelves.

Our beds are designed to last, so that you don’t have to worry about replacing a cheap and unhygienic bed every year. We’ve made some careful decisions to ensure your anti anxiety dog bed is the long lasting solution for your stressed out pup:

Iconic Raised Rim for ultimate relaxation, nestling and calming to soothe your pup, reminding them of curling up next to mum.
Faux Fur Material provides safety and security, reminding them of their mum’s fur.
Extra Padding over competitor products to give your pup a more comfortable experience that will last them longer.
100% Machine Washable Cover means your puppy bed stays fresh and clean, creating a more comfortable and hygienic experience for your pup that also means the bed will last longer.
High Quality and Durable so you won’t need to break the bank on new beds every season.

Join The Pupnap Pack

With over 100,000 calmer pups across the world, we’re slowly creating more smiles, happier pups and more relieved fur parents. That means more time for cuddles, less time for stressing and happier fur families all around!

Try out your own Calming Dog Bed today to see the difference in your pup and lifestyle.

Love, the Pupnaps Team.

Why Pupnaps

There is hundreds of dog bed options available and after months of testing and refining, we are confident we have made the most functional and useful design on the market...

Machine washable cover

Stay hygenic and prolong the life of your dogs favourite bed with our removable and machine washable cover.

Versatile for any situation

Take your Pupnaps calming bed everywhere you go to help in stressful situations.

Raised rim

Doubles as a pillow and a barrier to provide a sense of security ensuring a perfect nights sleep all night, every night.

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