A Calming Dog Bed is the Must-Have Product for Every UK Pet Owner

Wondering why people are going crazy for calming dog beds in the UK? Well, here’s exactly why families (and especially dogs) are loving anti-anxiety dog beds.

Reducing dog anxiety with a calming dog bed

The main benefit of buying a calming dog bed is to help reduce a dog’s anxiety. You’d be surprised just how many dogs suffer from stress and anxiety, with many also having a problem with separation anxiety.

The comfort and support they get from a calming dog bed helps to relieve some of that stress, so if you need to go out to work and leave your pooch at home, they’ll appreciate having a safe, comfortable place to curl up while they wait for you.

Feels just like cuddling up to Mum

Calming dog beds are designed to emulate the feeling of comfort that a dog gets when they curl up with mum.

When dogs are first born, they like to nestle up against their mother’s belly, with all of their siblings. They get a feeling of comfort and security from this, not to mention the extra warmth.

Pupnaps dog beds use extra-long faux fur, which feels just like dog fur. So, when they settle in for a rest, it feels like they’re being wrapped up in a big cuddle from mum.

Different sizes and styles to suit your dog

All dogs are different, which is why Pupnaps offers calming dog beds in the UK to suit all 

sizes of pooch. From small (suited to 0-5kg dogs) through to extra-large versions for dogs up to 80kg, there’s a comfy sleeping spot for every dog. 

You can also get orthopaedic rugs and memory foam beds in a different shape, so you can tailor your choice to your dog’s needs.

Designed for warmth and comfort

Pupnaps calming dog beds are designed with warmth and comfort in mind. The faux fur, while feeling like a dog’s mum, also provides extra warmth. So, as your furry friend sinks into their comfortable bed for a nap, the fur against their own makes them toasty and warm.

In addition, the raised edges not only provide a sense of security, but also head and neck support for those dogs who like to sleep in weird positions!

Easy to wash

Finally, the last great thing about Pupnaps calming dog beds in the UK is they’re easy to keep clean. 

All dog beds get a bit smelly after a while, and as much as we love our dogs, we don’t always appreciate their smell. So, if your dog’s bed is getting a bit on the nose, simply remove the cover and pop it in the wash. Easy!

Get your calming dog bed in the UK today

For the best calming dog beds around, look no further than Pupnaps. With beds shipped from our UK-based warehouse, you can get yours fast. Shop now, and find out why so many dog owners are raving about Pupnaps.
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