A UK Buyer's Guide to Calming Dog Beds

If your dog suffers from stress, anxiety, poor sleep, or all of the above, their bed can have a lot to do with it. Unlike standard cheap beds, a calming dog bed in the UK is an excellent option for relieving your pup’s stress and helping them get the sleep they need.

Why does my dog need a calming dog bed?

Sleep is essential for dogs, just like it is for humans. Our four-legged friends need more rest than we do, and the sleep they get must be restful.

Often, the cause of poor sleep is stress or anxiety. For example, if your dog isn’t comfortable or stressed about something, it’s difficult for them to drift off to sleep.

Poor sleep has a detrimental effect on a dog’s physical and mental health, and this is one of the main reasons your dog can benefit from a calming dog bed in the UK.

How do calming dog beds help?

Calming dog beds are specially designed for increased comfort, safety, and security. When dogs try to sleep, they love a feeling of comfort. 

This is why dogs often sleep together because it reminds them of cuddling up with their mum and siblings when they were born. 

A calming dog bed with faux fur provides warmth, comfort, and the support your dog needs to feel protected. As a result, they can relax more easily, get to sleep, and rest peacefully!

Where can I buy a calming dog bed in the UK?

Pupnaps calming dog beds are available online only. We’ve deliberately kept our products out of stores because this adds another layer of cost to our customers. 

We remove the middle-man so that you can get the very best price possible on your pup’s brand-new anti-anxiety bed.

Buying online is easy, and we have a vast number of payment options to suit everybody. In addition, we have plenty of different dog beds, orthopedic rugs, and dog couches available in our Northampton warehouse so that you can get your delivery fast.

Free 2-8 day shipping in the UK

Because Pupnaps is based right here in the UK, we can offer fast shipping anywhere in the country. All of our orders are handled from our Northampton warehouse so that you can get your new calming dog bed quickly.

All deliveries require a signature upon receipt too, because we don’t want someone else running off with our dog’s new bed! Track your deliveries easily, and your dog will be snoozing comfortably in no time.

Ease your dog’s anxiety with Pupnaps

For a calming, relaxing, high-quality sleep, you can’t go past Pupnaps calming dog beds in the UK. Machine washable, hard-wearing, and extremely comfortable for your dog, these beds are the perfect solution to restless, stressed or anxious pups.

If you want to improve your dog’s sleep and make him or her feel comfortable any time of day or night, it’s easy with our anti anxiety dog beds.  Shop now, and find out why so many dog owners are raving about Pupnaps.
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