Anti Anxiety Dog Bed: Do They Work?

If your dog suffers from stress or anxiety, it can be so hard to find ways to help them. You may have heard about anti anxiety dog beds, but perhaps you’re still a little sceptical. Do they really work? 

Well, let’s take a look at all the ways they can help your furry friend relax and get a better quality of sleep.

An extra sense of security

Most importantly, dogs love to feel safe. Calming dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, but many have raised rims for an extra sense of safety. 

Plus, the best beds have extra filling that your dog can sink down into, giving them a feeling of being wrapped up and secure.

Extra-long faux fur for warmth

Anti anxiety dog beds should ideally be made from extra-long faux fur, rather than other shorter materials. 

This is because dogs absolutely love being warm, and they sleep better when they’re nice and cosy. The fur provides extra warmth, especially if your dog sinks down into the bed, almost being wrapped up inside.

Just like Mum’s cuddles

The other benefit to faux fur is that it replicates real dog fur. When pups are born, they seek comfort and safety by curling up next to their mum’s belly with their little brothers and sisters. 

A calming dog bed replicates that feeling of comfort, which is why it’s so successful in reducing stress and anxiety. Take your pooch back to the first feeling of comfort it ever knew!

Great for separation anxiety

If your dog hates it when you go out (and most dogs do), an anti anxiety dog bed can help. Most dogs experience some form of separation anxiety because they want to be with us all day, every day. 

When we go, they’re not sure what to do with themselves. However, once they recognise their calming dog bed as a safe place, they may head straight for it when you leave so that they can relax,

Improving behavioural problems

Separation anxiety can lead to behavioural problems while you’re out. Also, poor sleep, in general, can affect a dog’s behaviour, because without proper rest they’re unable to concentrate on training or focus on doing the right things. 

This in itself can cause a dog to feel stressed, because they want to make us happy. A calming dog bed provides better sleep, and a safe place your dog can go if they’re scared.

Ease your dog’s anxiety with Pupnaps

All dogs deserve a comfortable place to sleep, and that’s exactly what Pupnaps delivers. 

With extra-long faux fur replicating a mother’s cuddle and providing extra warmth, these easy-to-wash dog beds are the perfect way to improve your dog’s sleep.

If you’re not convinced that an anti anxiety dog bed can help with your pup’s stress, why not give Pupnaps calming dog beds a try. 

We offer free shipping in Australia, and a 14-day return policy. That means, if your dog doesn’t love its new bed, you can send it right back to us, no questions asked. Shop now, and find out why so many dog owners are raving about Pupnaps.

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