Calming Dog Beds Are Not Created Equal

If you’re looking for a calming dog bed to help with your puppy’s anxiety and sleep, this guide will help you make the right choice.

Not all calming dog anxiety beds are created equal, so these tips will help you choose one that’s perfect for your pup!

Look for extra comfort.

Naturally, you want your furry friend to be comfortable, so a beautiful, plush dog bed is essential. Unfortunately, many cheap dog beds have a poor filling that ends up flat in a matter of days or weeks. 

At that point, your dog may as well be sleeping on the floor. So, look for dog beds with the extra filling because they will stay plush and comfortable for much longer.

Also, consider the size of your dog because heavier dogs need stronger beds. Also, you may want to choose a dog bed with raised rims for an added feeling of security and support. This makes your puppy feel that little bit safer and more protected while they sleep.

Can you take the bed with you?

Another thing to look for is the underside of the dog bed. Is it waterproof? Not only does a waterproof base help in case of accidents, but it also means you can take it with you wherever you go.

If you love camping with your dog, you’ll need a comfy bed you can bring along for the ride. A base that’s too soft will end up dirty, as well as potentially picking up debris or insects.

Is your calming dog bed easy to wash?

When our four-legged friends find a sleeping sport they love, they’re bound to spend a lot of time there.

This is great for their comfort and happiness. However, it does mean the bed may not smell super-fresh all the time. We love our dogs, but we know they don’t always smell beautiful. So, look for calming dog beds that are easy to wash.

It should have a removable cover that you can machine wash.

Does it have fur-like materials?

Finally, does the dog bed had fur-like material? The best ones use extra-long faux fur because it replicates real dog fur.

Pups love nothing more than cuddling up with another dog, so if that’s not possible, extra-long fur materials on their dog bed are the next best thing.

Choose the best Calming Dog Bed today!

Dogs are part of the family for most people, and they get looked after just like children. However, many dog parents don’t realize how important it is for their pup to have a comfortable, secure place to sleep.

A calming dog bed from Pupnaps is the perfect solution, especially if your dog suffers from stress or anxiety.

These dog beds are scientifically designed to emulate your dog curling up with its mother, with extra-long faux fur providing warmth and comfort.

With Punaps, you can buy now, pay later arrangements, free shipping in Australia, and 14-day returns if your dog doesn’t love its new bed. So shop now, and find out why so many dog owners are raving about Pupnaps.
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