Help Ease Your Dog's Anxiety with a Calming Bed

Does your dog suffer from anxiety or poor sleep? It’s not uncommon. Around 40% of all dogs will experience anxiety at one point in their life.

As dog owners, we want to give our pups the most comfortable life possible. The best way to do this is with an anxiety dog bed. Here’s why they work so well 

Raised Rim for Security

Many dog beds on the market are flat, and while they do offer some comfort, it’s not all that your dog needs. However, you get double the benefit if you choose an anxiety dog bed with a nice comfortable rim.

Firstly, a raised rim serves as a pillow, and your dog will no doubt love resting their head on the side.

Secondly, the raised rim creates a sense of security and safety for your dog. When your dog feels protected, it gets to sleep more easily and enjoy a more restful sleep.

Replicating Their Fur-family

When dogs are born, the first feelings of comfort they experience are from their mother and siblings. Then, when it’s time to sleep, dogs curl up against their mother’s tummy, surrounded by their brothers and sisters.

While most dogs leave the litter, they never stop wanting that feeling of comfort when they sleep. So, giving your pup an anti-anxiety dog bed helps to replicate those feelings of family comfort.

Look for beds that utilise faux fur and other soft materials for extra comfort. This type of bed reminds them of their mother and helps them relax.

Combat Separation Anxiety

When we bring a dog into our family, we wish we could be with them all the time. But the reality is, we often need to leave them at home alone. Whether it’s work or somewhere else that doesn’t allow dogs, it’s an unfortunate fact of life.

Dogs are incredibly loyal to their humans, meaning they feel a great sense of attachment to us. It’s a great feeling to have our dogs so happy around us, but it can be challenging when we leave.

Many dogs experience extreme separation anxiety. At best, they experience feelings of stress until their owners get home. At worst, this anxiety can result in destructive behaviour, making it difficult to leave them inside alone. 

By providing a comfortable resting place that helps to alleviate anxiety, your dog may be a lot calmer when you go out.

Ease your Dog’s Anxiety with PupNaps 

If you’re looking for the perfect solution for your dog’s anxiety, look no further than PupNaps. With so many dogs around the country experiencing anxiety, you must provide them with a comfortable solution to put their minds at ease. 

PupNaps Calming Dog Beds provide your furry friend with the comfort and support they need to get the right kind of rest.

PupNaps Calming Dog Beds are Australia’s favourite anxiety dog bed. It’s a perfect choice with free shipping in Australia, and buy now, pay later arrangements. 

Shop now, and find out why so many dog owners are raving about PupNaps.

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