How a Calming Dog Bed Replicates a Dog’s Mother

Just like us, our furry friends can also suffer from stress and anxiety. Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the importance of mental wellbeing. 

This goes for both people and their pets. That is why the calming dog bed demand has been overgrowing.

If your dog has anxiety issues that keep them from sleeping well, a calming dog bed can help. The right calming dog bed can be a haven for your puppy. 

It will help your dog relax and calm down as soon as they step into it. 

Here is how a calming dog bed can help your dog feel calmer:

A Mother’s Touch

When our dogs were teeny tiny puppies, they were used to snuggling up next to their siblings and mother. This feeling of another dog’s fur right next to theirs gave them a sense of security. 

It helped them sleep happily, knowing they are secure with their mother. 

An excellent calming dog bed should be made of soft, faux fur. This will give your dog the same feeling of curling up next to its mother. 

That is how a calming dog bed will help your dog relax and feel safe. In addition, it will remind them of the soothing physical touch of their mother. 

Soft Faux Fur

As dogs grow older, they will never forget the sense of their mother’s touch. That is why a calming dog bed made of soft, faux fur will help replicate this feeling. In addition, it will make your dog feel the safety of sleeping next to their littermates and mother. 

Raised Rims

The raised edges of a calming dog bed provide your puppy with a cozy feeling. It makes them feel contained. 

This cocooning effect helps the dog feel more secure. Raised rims make the calming dog bed feel more like a cave. 

This will make your furry friend feel more protected. It will resemble the feeling of curling up or leaning against their mother when they were just puppies. Your puppy will feel like receiving a big, warm hug from their calming dog bed.

At Pupnaps, we have spent months of testing and refining our calming dog bed design. 

We aimed to provide you with the most functional and valuable calming dog bed in the market today. That is why our incredible calming dog bed has gone viral in Australia. It has revolutionised how much importance dog owners place on their pets’ sleeping habits and mental well-being.

The removable, machine washable cover makes our calming dog bed easy to maintain. Your puppy will love the raised rim of our calming dog bed. 

They can use it as a pillow to support their heads. The ultra-comfortable, fur-like material of our calming dog bed will provide your pet with a soothing feeling. It will take them back to the same secure feeling of sleeping next to their mother.

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