How Calming Dog Beds Help Your Pet's Anxiety

Does your dog suffer from anxiety? You may have heard about dog anxiety beds but never been sure if they work. Well, this guide shows you all the ways a dog anxiety bed can help keep your pup calm, safe and comfortable.

Providing Extra Warmth

One of the first things a dog anxiety bed can do for you is providing extra warmth. There’s a popular misconception that dogs are ok being cold just because they have a fur coat.

The reality is dogs love being warm. Have you ever noticed how your dog always sits in the sun outside? Or even on the floor in front of the heater? They love the warmth, and regular dog beds don’t often provide that. 

On the other hand, calming dog beds provide extra warmth with their plush, fur-like material. Also, dogs tend to sink into the beds, making them toasty and warm.

Safety and Security

Calming dog beds with a raised rim provide an extra feeling of comfort and security for your dog. They love feeling safe and protected, which is why a raised edge is perfect on a dog bed. They can curl up comfortably, feeling like they’re got a barrier against the world around them.

Emulating a Mother’s Cuddle

When dogs are first born, they cuddle up to their mother and siblings for warmth and comfort. A calming dog bed helps to emulate that experience, with faux fur materials making it feel just like their mother’s tummy.

There’s nothing like remembering that very first feeling of safety and security to help your dog feel relaxed and sleep peacefully.

Better Sleep, Less Anxiety

Dogs are just like humans when it comes to sleep. If they don’t get enough, symptoms of anxiety can present and even be exacerbated. Restful sleep is essential for a dog’s mental health and well-being.

A dog anxiety bed helps your pup sleep better, and therefore reduces symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Improving Your Dog’s Behaviour

Does your dog have behavioural issues? Sometimes, it can be due to lack of sleep or poor sleep. By providing your dog with a place to sleep comfortably through the night, you may find their behaviour improves. 

Some dogs also suffer from incredible separation anxiety, which leads to destructive behaviour. However, many dog owners have found that a calming dog bed helps their furry friend relax when left home alone. 

Looking For Australia’s Favourite Dog Anxiety Bed?

Dog anxiety beds are a great way to give your pup a restful sleep. Sleep is vital to dogs, just like it is for humans. However, many dogs don’t get a good night’s sleep. Calming dog beds from PupNaps are the perfect solution.

You can get Australia’s favourite dog anxiety bed today, with free shipping in Australia and 14-day returns if your dog doesn’t love their new bed. For the ultimate in comfort and support, look no further than PupNaps. 

Shop now and find out why so many dog owners are raving about these incredible beds.

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