Proof Calming Dog Beds Work

Trying to relieve anxiety in dogs can be a long, complex process. There is no one magic solution that will help solve your dog’s anxiety. It is like a puzzle made of various pieces. However, a calming dog bed can play a critical role.

Like a weighted vest, the right calming dog bed can provide your pup with a sense of security. In addition, it will help the dog calm down. Today, calming dog beds come in a variety of shapes, fabrics and sizes.

There is no one calming dog bed that fits all. That is why you need to choose carefully to get the right calming dog bed for your pup.

Before you start searching for the right calming dog bed, here is what you need to know:

How Does a Calming Dog Bed Work?

After puppies are born, their sense of smell and touch are the most well-developed at that time. The feeling of their mother’s fur right next to theirs provides them with a sense of security. That is why pups always lay close to their mother. A calming dog bed should replicate that feeling.

Laying in a calming dog bed will bring back all these soothing feelings to your dog. That is how a fur calming dog bed helps dogs relax.

An excellent calming dog bed should also have raised edges. These create a cave-like structure in the calming dog bed. It will help make your dog feel protected and contained.

The raised edges will also provide support to the neck and spine of your dog. This support will help reduce any joint or muscle pain the dog has.

What to Look for in a Calming Dog Bed?

To enjoy all the benefits of a calming dog bed, you need to choose carefully. Unfortunately, not all calming dog beds are created with the same quality and specifications. When shopping for a calming dog bed, choose one with soft faux fur.

This material helps dogs calm down, bringing back the secure feeling of sleeping next to their mother. Invest in a calming dog bed with premium inner filling.

Dogs love a calming dog bed that they can sink into. Therefore, a calming dog bed with a washable cover is a must. Otherwise, the calming dog bed will not be practical to use.

Why Choose PupNaps Calming Dog Bed?

At PupNaps, our goal is to supply new and innovative products to help pet owners and dogs. That is why we have focused on comfort and security when designing our calming dog bed. The fur-like material we use on our calming dog bed help relax the dogs’ nervous system.

With an extra filling, a waterproof bottom, and a removable, machine washable cover, our calming dog bed is the best in the market today. We have also designed our calming dog bed with oversized, raised rims to give your pups a sense of security. 

Choose a calming dog bed that works best for your pup. Make your order now!

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