The Answer to Your Dog's Anxiety Is a Pupnaps Dog Bed

Got an anxious pooch in your family? The secret may lie in a specially designed anxiety dog bed.

Warmth and Comfort

We can all probably agree that warmth and comfort are great for relieving stress. It’s why we sometimes like to curl up under a blanket and escape the world! Well, dogs aren’t much different. They love warmth and comfort.

If your furry friend suffers feelings of anxiety, giving them a comfortable, warm place to lay down is perfect. Before long, they’ll start to recognise their anxiety dog bed as a safe place to relax.

A Feeling of Security

Have you ever seen puppies when they’re just born? They love snuggling up to their mother, all the siblings together. It’s adorable, but there’s also some science behind this. In straightforward terms, dogs get a great sense of security from this.

You may have even seen it in older dogs if you have more than one at home. Quite often, they’ll cuddle up together on the couch or a dog bed.

Anxiety dog beds are designed to emulate this feeling of comfort. They’re made from faux fur materials that feel just like a dog, so your pup can get a sense of security and safety while they sleep.

Not only will they relax more quickly, but they also experience a better night’s sleep.

Improve Behaviour

If your dog has behavioural issues, it can sometimes be due to anxiety. Anxiety and poor sleep tend to go together, and neither is suitable for a dog’s behaviour. Just like us,

 if we sleep poorly or feel anxious, we’re likely to be grumpy and unproductive. In dogs, it has a similar effect.

With a calming anxiety dog bed, your pup will sleep better, feel less anxious, and hopefully show some better behaviour!

A Way to Combat Separation Anxiety

It’s no secret that our dogs love being around us. So, it can be pretty traumatic for dogs when we have to go out for work or other reasons.

They don’t have a great sense of time, so even being left alone for 10 minutes can be highly distressing if your dog is attached to you.

If you give your dog a calming dog bed, they can begin to learn that it’s ok for you to be away for a while. Then, finally, they have their own safe, secure spot to relax in, and everything seems a little bit less scary for them.

Choose Your Calming Dog Bed Today!

If you want to help your dog get the rest they need and maintain good physical and mental health, check out these anxiety dog beds from Pupnaps.

These terrific beds are specially designed to help your dog feel the comfort of cuddling up next to their mother. What more could your furry friend want?

You can now get free shipping in Australia, as well as 14-day returns if your dog doesn’t love their new bed. Easily washable, soft and comfortable, and great for anxiety, calming dog beds are an excellent investment.

Shop now and find out why so many dog owners are raving about Pupnaps.

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