The UK’s Favourite Calming Dog Bed

The sleeping habits of dogs can tell a lot about their health. With the right calming dog bed, your dog will relax and sleep better. Unlike other mattresses, a calming dog bed is made of special designs. These should help your dog unwind and feel more secure.

With so many calming dog bed options in the UK market today, choosing one can be overwhelming. But you need to get only the best calming dog bed for your pet. That is why many dog owners in the UK are choosing Pupnaps. Our calming dog beds have gone viral in Australia. Now, they are finally available in the UK, too.

At Pupnaps, we are proud of how our calming dog beds have revolutionized how people in the UK think about their pets sleeping habits. You can rely on our innovative calming dog beds to help your pup. We offer the most functional and valuable calming dog bed designs on the UK market today.

Learn why our calming dog beds are the best:

Faux-Fur Material

Dogs love soft fabrics. They make dogs feel more relaxed. That is why we use ultra-comfortable, fur-like material to make our calming dog beds. The extra-long faux fur will help your dog calm down and feel more secure.

It provides the dog with a similar feeling to curling up to its mother as a puppy. With raised rim and soft padding, you will not find a better calming dog bed in the UK.

Raised Rim

Our calming dog bed works effectively, thanks to its oversized, raised rim. Just like walls, the raised edge provides dogs with a cocooning feeling. It makes them feel contained. That is how our calming dog bed helps pets feel safer and more secure.

The raised rim of our calming dog bed also doubles as a pillow. It provides your dog with the head support it needs. No other calming dog bed in the UK can ensure a perfect night’s sleep like ours.

Machine Washable

Just like us, dogs also love the feeling of freshly washed bedding. That is why you need to get a calming dog bed with machine washable covers. Your pooch can bring back all kinds of dirt and pests to its calming dog bed. If the cover is not easy to wash, the calming dog bed will not be practical.

That is why, at Pupnaps, all our calming dog beds come with removable, machine washable covers. Unlike other UK calming dog beds, ours also have a waterproof bottom.

Premium Quality

At Pupnaps, we are proud to provide one of the best quality calming dog beds in the UK market. We use only the highest quality materials, from premium zippers to the extra soft filling. Our products are only available through our online store to keep our calming dog bed prices as low as possible.

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