The Ultimate Calming Dog Bed Guide: Sizing by Breed

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of a calming dog bed by now. They’re great for relieving stress and anxiety, which 1 in 4 Aussie dogs suffer from. They provide warmth, comfort, and the soft faux fur makes it feel like your dog is cuddling up with their mum.

So, you know that your dog will be sleeping better and feeling more refreshed with a calming dog bed, but how do you choose the right size? The guide below is designed to help you make the right choice for your pooch.

Small beds

If you’ve got a smaller pooch, you don’t want them swimming in an enormous bed. While they will still be comfortable, it’s likely they won’t get the full anxiety-reducing benefit if their bed is too large. Small Pupnaps dog beds are perfect for puppies, sausage dogs, poodles, Chihuahuas and all other small dogs. They’re even great for cats!

These smaller dog beds have a 30cm base and a 60cm outer, giving your little furry friend maximum comfort and security. Best suited for dogs weighing between 0 - 5kg

Medium beds

For those dogs who are slightly larger, you’ll need to step up to a medium dog bed. These beds are suited to medium-sized dogs, including pugs, small Cavoodles, Shih Tzus, and even smaller Jack Russels.

Measuring 45cm across the base and 75cm on the outer, these beds give your dog a little extra room to stretch out. Dogs weighing 6 – 10kg should love this size.

Large beds

With larger dogs comes a need for larger beds! Popular dog breeds such as Kelpie, Labrador and large Cavoodle are sure to enjoy the extra space without sacrificing comfort. The rounded shape is great for all dogs, because even the larger ones like to curl up when it’s time for a rest.

The base on these large calming dog beds is 60cm, with a 90cm outer. If your dog is between 11 – 36kg, the large bed should be suitable.

Extra-large beds

Fortunately, we haven’t forgotten about those much bigger dogs like Great Danes and Greyhounds. The extra-large dog beds are most suited to much larger dogs, weighing between 37 - 80kg, or even just bigger dogs who like to stretch themselves out while sleeping rather than curling up in a ball.

These extra-large dog beds have a 90cm base and 120cm outer.

Other options

The above sizing guide is for our standard calming dog beds, however there are plenty of other options available too. You can choose from orthopaedic memory foam beds or rugs, which give your dog a bit more room to sprawl out. There are also bamboo models and dog beds with tough covers for those dogs who play a little rough.

Choose the best Calming Dog Bed today!

If you’re looking for the perfect calming dog bed for your pooch, look no further than Pupnaps. With plenty of sizes and styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong! Shop now, and find out why so many dog owners are raving about Pupnaps.
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