Your Dog's Bed Could be the Key to Calming Their Anxiety

If you’ve got an anxious or stressed dog in your home, this article will help you understand why, and also how to help your pooch.

Why do dogs get anxious and stressed?

Many things cause dogs to experience stress and anxiety. In most cases, dogs are more sensitive than humans, especially to things like sound and movement. 

If there’s a lot of activity or noise in the home, this can sometimes lead to stress. Separation anxiety is another big factor for dogs. They become extremely attached to their humans, so when we need to go out and leave them alone, it can be very stressful for dogs.

Most dogs have a poor sense of time, so even a few minutes without knowing where their human is can become frightening.

In some cases, if you have a rescue dog, anxiety can be due to how they were treated in the past. So, no matter how much love you give them, they may still have feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety causes poor sleep

While being generally unpleasant, anxiety also leads to poor sleep. It’s hard for your pup to relax and get a good sleep if they’re feeling stressed. That’s why anxiety dog beds can be useful, in helping your furry friend get to sleep easier.

Without proper sleep, dogs can experience further mental and physical health issues, so it’s important to make them as comfortable as possible.

Poor sleep can lead to behavioural issues

Another side effect of anxiety and poor sleep is, of course, behavioural issues. If you’ve ever come home to find the couch or other items chewed up, it’s likely because your dog was afraid and didn’t know how to cope.

But poor behaviour can also be due to lack of sleep, so this is another reason to get your dog into a comfortable anxiety dog bed ASAP.

Anxiety dog beds can help

Anxiety dog beds attempt to replicate a cuddle from mum, which was probably the first time your dog sought comfort and found it. The faux fur is just like mum’s belly, and the plush, comfortable bed allows your dog to feel safe and secure.

When your dog knows it has a special place to go where they can feel comfortable and safe, you should notice an improvement in their sleep, less anxiety and better overall health as a result.

Choose your anxiety dog bed today!

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