Introducing Your Pup To Another Dog

Here's how you can make sure things go smoothly

Are you adding another pup to your family? Getting a second dog is a great idea for anyone who doesn’t want to leave their dog home alone for long periods. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want another furry friend in their lives? Here are some great tips to help you introduce your new pup to the pack…

1. Your new pup 

Choosing the right doggy companion for your existing dog is important. Ideally the two pups should be around the same age with the same energy levels. If your heart is set on getting a puppy, make sure your existing dog has a gentle and tolerant nature.

2. First thing to do 

Whether you’re getting your new pup from a shelter or a breeder, the first thing you should ask is whether you can bring your existing dog along to meet your new dog, before you bring them home for good. That way you can ensure they’re a good match for each other before you commit to anything.

3. The first meeting 

The first meeting should be on neutral territory, ideally in a park or garden. Both pups should be on the leash so that they can be safely pulled away if there are any problems. Let both dogs sniff each other and keep a close eye on body language. If both tails are wagging it’s an excellent sign. After the initial meeting, separate the dogs for a few minutes and introduce them a second time to be sure they get on.

4. Bringing your pup home 

It’s a good idea to take both dogs for a walk together before bringing them home. Once home, remove any toys belonging to your existing dog to avoid conflict. Let the two dogs spend time together but always supervise them. For the first week or two, you should keep them gated in different rooms when you leave the house.

5. Separate sleeping areas 

To avoid any fights, we recommend giving your pups their own dog beds to relax in during downtime. Pupnaps Calming Dog Beds are ideal. Not only are they easy to keep clean, they also have a calming and soothing effect that any new dog will adore. Click the link below now to order yours!  


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