The Best Food For Your Pup

What should I feed my dog? 

When it comes to feeding your pup there are a number of options. Before you decide on a diet, understand that dogs are carnivores and will, most of the time, be happy with a purely meat based diet. There are some exceptions to this, which we’ll explore later on in this email.

What are my options? 

Here are some options for your dog’s daily diet according to the animal welfare experts at the RSPCA: 

1. Kibble 

This consists of dry biscuits. It’s perfectly acceptable to feed a purely kibble diet and, in general, the kibble will keep your dog’s teeth cleaner than a wet diet. However, most dogs will prefer something wet when it comes to taste and texture.  

2. Wet food 

You can feed a diet of wet or canned dog food in various meat flavours, but be warned: a lot of low quality dog food contains unnecessary filler ingredients. Always read the ingredients to be sure, and choose the highest quality food you can afford. 

3. Raw diet 

A lot of pup parents swear by a raw meat diet because it’s closer to what our dog’s ancestors would have eaten in the wild. Here are some rules to stick to: 

  • Maintain excellent food hygiene and avoid feeding food that is past its sell by date 
  • Stick to human grade meat for the safest, highest quality cuts 
  • Always consult your vet on the  best raw diets as some dogs have special needs  

4. Mixed diet

You can feed your dog a diet of cooked or raw meat, plus a small amount of vegetables and rice. Cooked pumpkin or raw carrot can be great ways to add fibre to their diet and improve bowel health, especially for senior dogs. 

After eating 

Dogs need a nice comfy place to lie down after a meal, where they can relax and digest food. We recommend a Pupnaps calming dog bed:

  • Cushioned design for dogs to sink into and feel relaxed 
  • Outer rim acts as a pillow and a calming barrier 
  • Faux fur mimics the feel of sleeping next to the mother dog 

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