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Customizable Blanket
Customizable Blanket

Customizable Blanket

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Turn your pup into a completely custom blanket!

These custom blankets are the perfect way to honour the special relationship with your pup, or make an amazing gift for a fellow pup lover. Our expert artists take your pet's photo and create a completely bespoke design which is printed on a cosy and luxurious blanket.  

Wrap yourself with your best friend while cuddling with your best friend, it's a win win! The super soft Pupnaps Customisable Blanket is best used while snuggling up on the couch.

Personalised to you: No two blankets are the same! Using your photo, the blanket is completely original to you and your pup. 

Individually designed: Our expert artists use your photo and create a completely unique design which is printed on our super soft and snuggly blanket. 

Snuggly and warm: Our blanket can be used as a throw to keep your pup warm, on the couch with a cup of tea or on the bed. However you use it we guarantee maximum cosiness. 


Step 1: Take a clear photo of your pet, we recommend taking a photo from the waist up (see photo guide above)

Step 2: Choose your design options and upload your photo

Step 3: Sit back and let us do the rest. Your completely unique blanket awaits. 

Each blanket is designed by one of our amazing artists on our super snuggly blanket. 

You have the ability to add a message to each design and choose from six different colours. 

We also offer FREE shipping UK wide 🚚


Each blanket is designed  by our team of artists before produced and sent from our studio. As such, please allow 5 business days for your order to be created and dispatched and another 10-14 business days for shipping and delivery to your door. 

Please note: If you order your Pupnaps Custom Blanket with any of our other fabulous products your order will come in two separate shipments

1. Avoid blurry images and bad lighting

Make sure to upload images with proper focus and lighting. The details are very important and the better the photo you send us, the better the portrait you receive.

2. Multiple pets

We recommend having one animal or person per portrait. If you really want both of your pets on the same portrait, make sure that all the animals are position next to each other with little or no space in between.

3. Positioning is important

Make sure that what you want of your pet to be captured is visible. Your portrait will represent the picture you send to us. If there are parts of your pet’s body missing in the picture, it will be missing in the portrait as well.


Optimal positioning, lighting and resolution are key to making your portrait look amazing. Great photos make for great portraits

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