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Pupnaps Pet Cooling Pads
Pupnaps Pet Cooling Pads
Pupnaps Pet Cooling Pads
Pupnaps Pet Cooling Pads
Pupnaps Pet Cooling Pads
Pupnaps Pet Cooling Pads

Pupnaps Pet Cooling Pads

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Instantly cool your pet this summer with the Pupnaps Pet Cooling Pads

During the warmer months it’s vital we pay attention to our beloved pets! Instead of sweating to cool down, dogs pant. As such, hot weather can be incredibly dangerous for dogs as panting is not as efficient to cool them down.

A cool and comfortable pet: The ice silk fabric utilising self-cooling technology absorbs the heat from your dog’s body. The result? An incredibly comfortable dog on even the hottest summer’s day.

Anytime, anywhere: Our cooling pads can be used in a pet bed, on the couch, in kennels, outside and in the car. They’re lightweight, fold freely and portable, so are perfect for weekends away. We recommend pairing it with our famous calming dog bed for the happiest pup this summer.

Safe and easy to clean: When it’s time to clean, just throw the cooling pads in the wash. It’s that simple! All materials are safe, non-irritating and perfect for your pup’s skin.

Designed for dogs of any shape and size: We’ve designed our cooling pads for large dogs, small dogs and everything in between. 

 Estimates only
Small - 30cm
Cat, Puppy, Sausage dog, Maltese Shih tzu, etc.
Medium - 45cm
Pugs, Small Cavoodle, Maltese Shih Tzu
Large - 60cm
Corgi, Labrador, German Shepards, etc.
Extra Large - 90cm
German Shepherd, Great Dane 

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