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Pup Harness
Pup Harness
Pup Harness
Pup Harness
Pup Harness
Pup Harness
Pup Harness
Pup Harness
Pup Harness
Pup Harness
Pup Harness

Pup Harness

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Stop choking your pup with regular collars!

Gain more control on walks without choking or sacrificing on the comfort of your pup. The Pupnaps SafeHarness is equipped with 2 quick-release buckles making it incredibly easy to slip on before walk time

Completely personalised: The Pupnaps SafeHarness is completely personalised! Add your dog’s name and number for a more personal touch.

No more pulls: Our SafeHarness evenly distributes pressure across your dog’s body. The result? Pulling and choking is eliminated.

Always be seen: Make sure you’re always visible on evening or early morning walks with our built-in reflective strap.  

A comfortable pup: Each harness comes with adjustable straps and is as easy to slide on as a pair of slippers. Created with material that won’t irritate, you’re sure to have one comfortable pup.   

Incredibly durable: Tired of cheap harnesses that don’t last? We were too, and we did something about it. Our SafeHarness has been battle tested with our strongest dogs to give you a product that will last the test of time.   

Sizing –

Measure your dog's chest with tape, this measurement corresponds to the measurement in the size chart below. 

If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend going one size up for dogs with wide shoulders or chest. For dogs with a narrow chest or shoulders, we recommend one size down. 

Size  Estimates Only
Extra Small - Chest 35-48cm Puppy, Sausage Dog, Pomeranian
Small - Chest 45-58cm Mini Schnauzer, Shih Tzu 
Medium - Chest 55-65cm Pug, French Bulldog, Pembroke
Large - Chest 65-80cm Australian Shepherd, Basset Hound
Extra Large - Chest 70-90cm Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever
2x Large - Chest 83-110cm  Rottweiler, Tibetan Mastiff, Bullmastiff


Processing Time

Although each Pupnaps bed is shipped locally from our Northampton warehouse, our custom harnesses are developed, hand-finished and customised abroad before being sent directly from the overseas warehouse. As it is a completely custom product, this process significantly reduces wait times for our customers. 

Please note: Due to the customisation, please allow 10 days for your harness to be created & another 14-21 days for delivery to your door. If you purchase your Pupnaps Harness with any of our other fabulous products your order will come in two separate shipments.

1. Avoid blurry images and bad lighting

Make sure to upload images with proper focus and lighting. The details are very important and the better the photo you send us, the better the portrait you receive.

2. Multiple pets

We recommend having one animal or person per portrait. If you really want both of your pets on the same portrait, make sure that all the animals are position next to each other with little or no space in between.

3. Positioning is important

Make sure that what you want of your pet to be captured is visible. Your portrait will represent the picture you send to us. If there are parts of your pet’s body missing in the picture, it will be missing in the portrait as well.


Optimal positioning, lighting and resolution are key to making your portrait look amazing. Great photos make for great portraits

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