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Pupnaps Pup Ramp
Pupnaps Pup Ramp
Pupnaps Pup Ramp
Pupnaps Pup Ramp
Pupnaps Pup Ramp
Pupnaps Pup Ramp
Pupnaps Pup Ramp

Pupnaps Pup Ramp

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The Pupnaps Pup Ramp will allow your pup to jump down from any angle and land safely on a carpeted floor.

The Pupnaps Pup Ramp is a stable and sturdy pup ramp that helps your pet safely get up and down furniture, helping to prevent jumping injuries. Use this pup ramp to help your pup gain access to beds, armchairs, sofas, or anywhere he needs a little help getting up.

This non-slip surface ensures your pet will have a secure footing as he navigates his way up the pup ramp. The Pupnaps Pup Ramp can be easily disassembled for travel or storage. 

Adjustable Height: Your pup can now climb into bed or onto the couch on his own.

Non-Slip Ridged Carpet: There is no other ramp that prevents slipping better than Pupnaps.

Packs Flat: Folds flat to 9cm for easy storage. 

Lightweight and Portable: It’s the fastest and easiest pup ramp to use for any size pet.

Durable: Lightweight portable ramp for pups up to 80lbs or 36kgs. 


Estimates Only

Small - 2 Heights at 30cm & 40cm. 70cm Length x 40cm Width

Cat, Puppy, Sausage dog, Toy Poodle

Large - 4 Heights at 30cm, 40cm, 50cm & 60cm. 100cm Length x 40cm Width

Labrador, Kelpie, Large Cavoodle

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